18 Lakh BSNL Internet Users go offline

18 lakh BSNL mobile customers in Kolkata (INDIA) were disconnected for more than six hours. According to a Senior BSNL Official, connection were disrupted due to power issues at a leading service station in Salt Lake.

BSNL Employees have reported some equipment damages due to the power fluctuations, they had to shut down the remaining equipments (which were in use) to avoid more damages, which in turn disconnected more than 18 lakh mobile customers. Although the power is back but according to the BSNL employees, it will take some time to resurrect the connections as they will have to replace the damaged equipments and check other devices.

One of the Employees also said, customers will be experiencing difficulties in making calls, sending SMSes, accessing the internet and other services via GPRS. While this incident would fade in our memories as time passes, see the brighter side of life; a good excuse to avoid your boss on a Monday morning! 😛

Via SiliconIndia

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