Airtel Enables Upscaling Of SD TV To HD

Airtel Digital TV today announced that it has enabled all High Definition (HD) and HD Recorder Set Top Boxes (STB’s) in order to upgrade its current Standard Definition (SD) channels to HD (Res:1080 i.e 2 Million Pixels and 16:9 wide aspect ratio) along with Dolby Digital Plus sound experience.

Ever since the arrival of HD technology, it’s been in great demand amongst DTH customers with Reliance Digital TV & Tata Sky+ HD watering the ‘craze for HD seeds.’ And what’s more Airtel provides this feature to its existing customers at absolutely no extra cost.

Airtel claims this will enable customers to watch their television programmmes with greater quality, better contrast, and with sharper, brighter and vivid picture quality. Ever since the establishment of DTH services, enhancing customer’s TV viewing experience has achieved massive progress.

To avail this feature, the pre-requisites are that a customer should have a HDTV (Now, that’s so obvious), Airtel Digital TV (HD)/ Airtel Digital TV (HD) Recorder STB and an HDMI cable to connect STB with the TV.

As the battle for providing the best DTH service wages on; Does it really matter to us as long as we enjoy our time and get the value for money that we invest? We also wonder if Airtel SD-HD would give experience close to a true HD transmission.



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