Android 5.0 – Lollipop Not Ladoo

Android 5.0 – Lollipop Not Ladoo

Google’s much-awaited android platform update has been officially released and it has been named Lollipop. Later today, a giant lollipop will be erected outside Google’s campus in mountain view California. This 10 foot statue will join the existing sculptures of an ice-cream sandwich, a doughnut and other confectionaries. This is how the news will come for the latest android platform update which runs in 80% of the world’s phones: not with a fancy press conference, but through an oversized sweet.The 13th edition of android is the first to be developed completely under Sunder Pichai, senior vice-president of Google.

There’s a lot more to the Lollipop update than aesthetic improvements.The new edition powered by the ‘Material Design’ interface is a powerhouse.

Some key takeaways from the latest platform are:-

Lollipop has been designed taking into consideration low-end devices ensuring the slick new interface will run smoothly on them. This ensures that the Chinese and Indian markets don’t miss out on the best of Lollipop.

Security features in the device have been amped up. The interface comes with encryption on by default. Google will now allow users to create multiple profiles and put locks on individual profiles.

The interface is now more seamless than before with the user being able to switch effortlessly from one android device to another, much like in apple devices. A user can perform an action their android phone and continue their task on an android based tablet.

Material design itself brings with it an all-new 3-D design interface. This will improve the aesthetic appeal of the icons and widgets. material design operates with a multitude of shadows and animations, that help mimic the behaviour of real material.

for more Android Lollipop features.

Android Lollipop was announced post a series of video teasers and campaigns which had been running worldwide such as India’s own Ladoo-campaign which gained significant traction, so much so that it was acknowledged by google in their final video. The Android Ladoo campaign was carried out with the hope that Google’s next confectionary would be named after thedesi-treatLadoo’s. If this trend continues the next android campaign might just be named Malai Kulfi 😉

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