APN / GPRS / 3G settings for all carriers in India

Getting started with GPRS / 3G often requires some settings to be done on your handset. Be it an iPhone or a Nokia, if the settings are not pre loaded, you need to manually configure APN settings. Here is a list of APN settings for all telecom providers in India:


APN: bsnlnet


North Zone (Haryana, Punjab, UP (west), UP (east), Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir)

East Zone (Kolkata, Orrisa, Bihar, West Bengal, Andaman Nicobar, Assam, Jharkhand, North East)
APN: www.e.po

South Zone (Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Tamilnadu, Kerala)

West Zone (Maharashtra, Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh)
APN: gprswest.cellone.in

MTNL 2G Mumbai (GPRS)

APN: gprsmtnlmum (Postpaid)
gprsppsmum (Prepaid)
Username: mtnl
Password: mtnl123

MTNL 3G Mumbai

APN: gprsmtnlmum
Username: mtnl
Password: mtnl123

MTNL 2G Delhi (GPRS)

APN: gprsmtnldel (Postpaid)
gprsppsdel (Prepaid)
Username: mtnl
Password: mtnl123

MTNL 3G Delhi

APN: ppshsdpa
Username: mtnl
Password: mtnl123




APN: airtelgprs.com


APN: imis


APN: portalnmms


APN: aircelgprs.po (Postpaid)
aircelgprs.pr (Prepaid)


APN: vgprs.com

BPL Mobile (Loop Mobile)

APN: bplgprs.com
or try
APN: www

Reliance GSM GPRS

or try
APN: rcomwap
or try

Spice (Karnataka, Punjab)

APN: spice/spiceexcite/spicegprs

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  • Hi,

    Wanted to update people

    for BPL MOBILE which is now LOOP MOBILE

    the settings for iphone are

    APN – www
    USERNAME – ur mobile number starting with 98XXXXXXX
    PASSWORD – loop

    and thats it

    These are the new settings for all new loop customers, but those who were bpl customer and are still there …jsut got swtiched to loop automatically..

    they need to use

    APN – bplgprs.com

    and nothing else

  • i am from kolkata and i would like to know whether anyone is using reliance 3G service from Kolkata. I have a data card which supports 3G Service, however, when i switch the datacard mode to 3G, I see no compatible networks (NOT EVEN RELIANCE).

    I am doubtful that Reliance is providing high band 2G service as 3G. Is there anyone who has experienced 1.5mbps 3G Service of Reliance?

  • @Rajiv.. i am also from kolkata and i also use a data card with reliance 3g card and plans.but not mine also shows any 3g ..it just shows speed of 21.6 mbps on the connections status but the actual speed is not more than 250kbps….can anyone help me out.

  • Hi, unable to connect to reliance 3g in mumbai circle through the iphone or htc wildfire (android)

    Anyidea what to do?

  • Thanks for the tips . I was handling 2 mobiles but with your help now am ready to quit my old mobile . Thank u so much . bplgprs.com not working however www really worked . I wonder that bpl company was asking me for changing my prepaid to postpaid just to activate my iphone internet which actually needed just letters of APN WWW lmao .. these representatives at the loop galleries are liars they should be jailed for fooling ppl . I am from mumbai anyways thanks again dude 🙂

  • Thanks a lot buddy !!!I ask for costomer care for mtnl mumbai prepaid gprs APN setting but they give me post paid setting which not working now its working with your advice ………Thanks again

  • What is the setting of stel in data card . How can i connect to internet through data card ? My card is huawei e173

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