Apple Files Patent for Facial Recognition on iOS Devices

We all know how uncomfortable it feels when someone else handles your phone, especially parents or even with best pals. Imagine how cool it would be if you can tell people that your phone functions only when you are in sight.

Well Apple has now applied for a patent that does just that. As per the description of the new patent filed, the technology compares the current mugshot of the user to the already existing reference images in the phones database for comparison purposes. While doing so it will not only compare but analyze the difference between the mouth, eyes, nose and other portions of the human face from each other

After, the user is verified only then the device will unlock itself and allow it to be used. The feature is also said to require minimal computing power. Well Android’s ICS already has a similar solution, though its, not very effective as such and can be easily tricked by others and thus the security feature can be easily breached into.

Since Apple’s patent also mentions only the use of 2D technology for the facial recognition, it can also suffer from the same problems that face detection on Ice Cream Sandwich does right now. Though, the technology is just being patented for now, and a lot might change in the implementation phase.

To understand the patent in more detail you can read the original article here on PatentlyApple.

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