Apple iPhone 5 To Be With In Cell Touch Display Technology

With the Samsung rumors doing the rounds all over the place, how can Apple be far behind. Rumors about the iPhone 5 have already started to emerge as the expected launch date in the month of June draws closer.

Well the rumor for now has it that the new iPhone 5 display will have a “in-cell” touch technology as a result of which the latest device will be much slimmer, thus allowing Apple to either release a very slim smartphone or insert a larger capacity battery so as to compensate for the power drainage that comes with 4G LTE.

In cell touch display

Displays being used in the current version of the iPhone have multiple layers with the conductive touch layer being put on top of the display, thus making it thick. But with the “in-cell” technology these layers are combined in to one, thus creating a much slimmer profile of the display.

These new displays are already available with Sharp and Toshiba, who can manufacture and dispatch the displays for the entire fleet of the new iPhone in case they are contracted by Apple. Meanwhile, it’s said that TPK and Wintek, Apple’s current display suppliers are working on a similar display technology which would allow them to make their displays slimmer as well, though not as much as the ones with the “in-cell” technology.

Other very interesting rumor doing the rounds is that the iPhone 5 will sport the so called “liquid metal back” and also the latest device would be 4G LTE enabled. The screen size is being rumored to be around 4.00 inch., which would be a marked departure from the much debated about one hand control size of 3.5 inches.

Unlike the rumors of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, which have started a little closer to the launch date of the device, the launch of the iPhone is not yet fixed and the same might be launched as late as October as well. Irrespective of whenever the New (pun intended) iPhone is launched, it will be a completely redesigned device which is strongly believed to be a unibody one.

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