BBM for Android and iPhone still Astray; BlackBerry Ltd 100% Committed on Bringing It

BlackBerry Messenger aka BBM was supposed to be globally launched for Android and iPhone devices on September 21st. It was released as scheduled for iPhone, but an unreleased version of BBM for Android was making rounds on the internet. Earlier we believed BBM for Android was delayed. Later, BlackBerry said that this unreleased version overloaded their company servers and the BBM roll out was paused for both Android and iPhone.

However, iPhone users who downloaded before the roll out was paused were able to use BBM without any problems. Amongst a minimal number of users on iPhone, they are stating that it was working fine for a couple of days, but lately have been suffering from delay in transmitting messages and working quite poorly.

BBM yesterday tweeted this.

While their twitter account @BBM has managed to gather over 300K followers; users who ask about the date of resuming the roll out; tweeters have been getting canned response from them –  like the ones mentioned below.

It has been eleven days, since BBM was supposed to become a cross platform messaging app; joining a list of apps like Whatsapp, WeChat, ChatOn, etc. However, BBM offers better services when it comes to UI, Security, etc; an undesired messenger can be blocked adding to which one doesn’t have to sacrifice their mobile number as BBM works on a unique PIN system for each user.

BlackBerry’s GooglePlay account BlackBerry Limited was taken down for a short span of time and was restored later. See: BlackBerry Limited Developer Account back on Google Play Store. We believe, it was to remove all the fake BBM applications and malwares that plagued the GooglePlay Store.

We have been relentlessly following the news of BlackBerry over these two weeks. We even did a quick video review of the unreleased version of BBM for Android. Now, when will BlackBerry resume the roll out for Android and iOS is anybody’s guess!

We will surely post an update the moment we come to know about it. Till then follow @onlygizmos and tweet to us your thoughts about BBM for Android and iPhone.

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