BBM for Android: First look! (Video and Screenshots)

Since there has been no official update about BBM for Android on the Google Play Store, we have managed to grab hold of the BBM APK file from the internet unofficially. Now, the impatient bunch that we are, we went ahead and did a quick review of the application as well!. We expect the app that would eventually arrive on the Play Store to look and function similarly. If not, hell we’ll do a review again!

Here is the video review of the application

The following are screenshots from the application. Does this look enticing enough to wean you off WhatsApp which everyone seems to be hooked to nowadays?

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Screenshot_2013-09-21-19-09-40Screenshot_2013-09-21-19-23-34Screenshot_2013-09-21-19-24-37Screenshot_2013-09-21-19-24-45  Screenshot_2013-09-21-19-49-25 Screenshot_2013-09-21-19-49-41 Screenshot_2013-09-22-01-24-33 Screenshot_2013-09-22-01-24-41 Screenshot_2013-09-22-01-24-53 Screenshot_2013-09-22-01-25-19

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