BlackBerry 10 isn’t Even As Good As iOS 1.0 or Android 2.0!

Well blackberry isn’t exactly in the best of shape would be a sheer understatement. Though, still it’s staggering for the downward hit it has taken in the stock market valuations. Add to it the ever increasing pressure from the investors who by each passing day are increasing the intensity of their calls to sell off the firm, its patent portfolio or the management at least.

When in such a precarious situation it usually doesn’t help a tech firm if they do not have a stable product, And as an insider, apparently a high level employee in the ranks of the Canadian firm reveals that the reason behind the delay of the BlackBerry 10 isn’t even close to what Mr. Lazardis makes it be.

According to this RIM employee, Lazardis is lying about the BlackBerry 10 getting delayed due to the shortage of LTE chipsets. He says the true reason behind the delay is the fact that the BlackBerry 10 product is a below par device which is not even yet fully ready to be at par with the Playbook’s OS 2.0. Meaning it still doesn’t even have a native email client and BBM on it.

This means that RIM has totally failed to merge the new OS with their network infrastructure, with the latter being the company’s differentiating factor.

At the end of it all the high level RIM employee signs off with a shocker stating that the new BlackBerry 10 OS isn’t even as good enough as the old iOS 1.0 or Android 2.0.

If this information has any iota of truth in it, it is going to be extremely difficult for RIM to survive by the end of the next year. RIM has to get its act together ASAP, or I can already see them going Palm’s way.

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