Motorola Xoom User Guide Leaked

The user guide of the world’s first Honeycomb tablet has been leaked by the guys over at Droid-Life. So if you already don’t know all that has been said about Motorola Xoom so far, here is your chance to download and read it all at one go. No new or shocking revelations are made in the user guide but DL points out that there is no mention of a required data plan to get WiFi working. You can download the user guide from here.

via [Droid-Life]

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Motorola Atrix 4G Coming ON 22 February

Motorola’s upcoming Tegra 2 powered 4G capable smartphone, the Atrix 4G is all set to arrive in stores across the US on February 22, 2011. AT&T has confirmed that the device would arrive on its stores across the country for $199.99. Pre-sales of the smartphone had already commenced on the 13th of February. The lucky folks who had preordered the device on that day would receive their phones on February 21.

These customers will get their phones delivered to their nearest AT&T store. If you have been under a cave for the past few months, the Atrix 4G gets a dual-core 1GHz Tegra 2 processor, a 4-inch qHD touchscreen display, a full GB of RAM and runs Android 2.2.

[Via Engadget]
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AT&T announces pre-order for Moto Atrix, laptop dock costs as much as an iPad

Arguably the most talked-about phone at the recent CES 2011 event, the Motorola Atrix 4G, now has a price tag. AT&T has announced in a press release that the phone will be available on pre-order from February 13, and will be available for $199 with a two-year service agreement for AT&T customers. The phone itself is expected to be in select retail stores by March 6. The Atrix 4G, which was hyped by Motorola as “the world’s most powerful smartphone” at CES packs powerful specs such as a dual core processor with each core providing 1 GHz  of processing power, a 4 inch qHD (960 x 540) display, 1 GB of RAM, upto 48 GB of storage space, dual cameras, a biometric fingerprint reader, and most interestingly of all, the ability to connect to a notebook-like dock, giving users a bigger (11.6 inch) screen, full QWERTY keyboard and a full Firefox browser to browse the Net.

Alas, speculation that the laptop dock would be available for as little as $150 appears to have been way off the mark. Although AT&T does have a package in which the ATRIX 4G and the Motorola Laptop Dock are offered  for “a promotional price” of $499.99 after a two-year service contract and $100 mail-in-rebate after subscription to Data Pro smartphone data plan and tethering add on, those who want to buy the Motorola Laptop Dock separately will have to shell out around as much as they would have for the 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad – $499.99. Honestly, we think it would make more sense to buy that iPad and tether it to the Atrix 4G (which runs Froyo and can therefore be converted into a Wi-Fi hotspot) at that price!

There is also an offer of an Entertainment Access Kit for ATRIX customers which includes the Motorola HD Multimedia Dock, a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and a remote control for $189.99. Any which way, you look at it, the world’s best smartphone does not come cheap!

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Waterproof, scratch-proof, dust-proof Motorola Defy comes to India for Rs 18,500

Whatever their pros and cons, no one can deny that Motorola’s phones generally have excellent build quality. And the latest phone from the Moto stable, the Moto Defy takes that one step forward. It is built to be resistant to water, dust and scratches, because ‘accidents happen’ as Moto says it. Mind you, it does appear to be a decent looking smart phone, although its prominent placing of metal screws on sides does give it that rugged look. You bet we are going to test every bit of that famous resistance when we get our hands on it – it might drop into a cup of coffee, because accidents happen.

 Getting to the specs, the Moto Defy runs on Android version 2.1 and as per rumors will get Android 2.2 update soon (no time specified). That said, it does one of 2.2?s features already – the ability of sharing a 3G data connection by acting as a 3G Hotspot. We are certainly surprised to see that, as there are many other phones in the market running 2.1 (including those from Motorola), but none of them has this spot. For those who do not know, the Wi Fi Hotspot creating feature was one of the two main improvements in the Froyo update, along with the ability to save applications on to an expansion card. Given the fact that the iPad was just launched in India, we are sure that those who are buying the Wi-Fi only version will be interested.


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Honeycomb / Android 3.0 SDK Previewed. Release Please?

Camera app on Android 3.0

Google is still teasing Honeycomb and this time its to the developers with a preview of the Android 3.0 platform. Android 3.0 was for the first time teased at CES 2011, and a few announcements have been made already. The most hyped up for sure is the Motorola Xoom tablet that has kicked off with a gigantic mouth pre-CES teaser video. But as Apple points out, there are no details on pricing and specs given yet! No, I don’t want to quote Tim Cook here, but I am still referring to our report that the world won’t see Honeycomb tablets before Q2 2011! We expect Motorola to be an exception to this (with Google’s blessings), but if people are waiting for a Xoom launch in February, shouldn’t developers already be working on apps? Either ways, here is what the SDK preview has: (more…)

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Motorola unleashes “the world’s most powerful smartphone,” the Atrix, complete with laptop dock

This might be CES and the air might be thick with hype but still, words like “the world’s most powerful smartphone” should not be used lightly. Well, Motorola has used them to describe its Atrix handset, which not only packs in some seriously impressive specs but has actually grabbed the limelight at the event for its ability to connect to a larger display and even comes with a laptop-like dock for giving users an Android on notebook experience. Shades of the palm Foleo, you might say. Except that the connecting magic here will be done by a Multimedia dock and Laptop dock and a Webtop application that runs a full Mozilla Firefox 3.6 browser and supports Adobe FlashPlayer. The Laptop doc is going to remind a lot of users of the Foleo as it is actually a lot like a dumb notebook, with an 11.6-inch screen, 36Wh three-cell battery that delivers up to eight hours of battery life, full keyboard, stereo speakers with a slot for the phone to be kept at the back. The Multimedia dock on the other hand has three USB ports and an HDMI port enabling connections to a keyboard, mouse, speakers and HDMI-compatible monitor or connecting an HDMI-compatible television. (more…)

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Motorola shows off XOOM tablet

We had been talking about it for ages and now it has been spotted officially. Motorola has shown off the XOOM tablet, the first tablet with a dual core processor and running Android 3.0 at CES. It comes with a 10.1 inch display, supports 1080p HD video and HDMI output to display content on larger HD screens, and plays video and other rich web content seamlessly with Adobe Flash Player. It also has two cameras – a front facing 2 MP one and a 5 MP one on the rear (capable of capturing HD video) for video calls over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi. (more…)

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Motorola Videos Teases Honeycomb Tablet, Throws A Punch At Apple / Samsung

Motorola sure has Google’s blessings for early releases of latest Android builds. Be it the original Droid with Android OS 2.0 or the upcoming tablet build of Android aka Honeycomb. After Andy Rubin showed off a prototype honeycomb tablet

by Motorola at the D Dive Into Mobile conference, it was obvious that this thing is coming up at CES 2011 and here we have the official confirmation. Motorola has outed a promotional video (teaser) that takes us through the evolution of tablets right from 3200 BC to the stone age and today. Taking a quick hit at Apple calling the iPad a big iPhone and shooting the Samsung Galaxy Tab for being powered by Android OS for phones. (more…)

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Motorola Quench XT5 Comes To India; Priced At 13,990

Motorola has been in the Android game for quite some time now. Along with high end handsets from the Milestone series, it has also concentrated on the low cost, mid range Android segment of phones priced below the Rs.15k mark. Back in October, they brought the XT3 to India which boasted of features like a 3.2-inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen, integrated GPS and WiFi and  a 3.2MP camera. Two months later, its the turn of the XT5, a better version of the XT3 to be announced.  (more…)

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Brief Review/Unboxing: Motorola Flipout

At a time when most smartphone manufacturers are sticking to standard candybars, Motorola’s Flipout brings the swivel design and square shape to handsets (we do not remember too many having it, apart from the Micromax Bling). Android 2.1, a 2.8 inches touchscreen and a full qwerty keyboard that swivels out from under the screen are the features that make it stand out, making it a great example of the fact that all good things come in small packages. And do not necessarily cost the earth.

Motorola has been on an Android overdrive launching phones in the mid price segment, and this one costs Rs 15,990 – which might feel steep for some, but is definitely not a bad deal for what is on offer. For texters who do not want to give up on the touchscreen experience and also want a phone to turn heads, this is surely one of the best devices around. Here are our first impressions. (more…)

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Quick Review: Motorola Milestone XT720

Android might be making significant inroads in the smartphone market, but multimedia is supposed to be one of its weak points – after all, how many Android phones have you heard of with great cameras and sound? Sony Ericsson did try to fix matters with the Xperia X10 and its 8 MP shooter but was tripped up by an older version of Android (which has now been updated). Motorola has now tried to give Android its first multimedia heavyweight – the XT720, which packs in a 8MP camera (capable of HD video), xenon flash and an HDMI port (and even a HDMI cable!). The XT720 in fact is supposed to be many things – Motorola refers to it as a tablet and has thrown a lighter version of its Blur interface on it to make it easier to use. It is also Moto’s first all-touchscreen Android device in the higher price segment. All of it makes it a very formidable proposition. At least on paper. And it needs to be – given competition from the likes of the Nokia N8 in the touchscreen cameraphone segment, not to mention the still-selling Samsung Pixonn and Sony Ericsson Satio and Vivaz!

In fact, Motorola has had the XT720 out in the markets for a while and its only today that we have managed to get our hands on one (yes we bought one ). The XT720 appears to be a shiny Milestone / Droid without a physical QWERTY. But there are more differences here. The XT720 features a 720 MHz processor along with a 512MB RAM (compared to 600MHz and 256MB on the original Milestone) and a 8MP camera with a powerful Xenon Flash, compared to the 5MP (with Dual LED) shooter on the original Milestone. Interestingly the XT720 features a 1390mAh battery compared to 1400mAh on the Milestone, not a difference worth noticing and the XT720 certainly sheds some weight with no physical QWERTY attached to it. However, the XT 720 feels as big as the original Milestone in hand.


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Its going to be Motorola vs Apple in Q1 2011, Tablets, Verizon iPhone!

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha is certainly not known to hide roadmaps and plans. As always he has been a little generous is revealing the 2011 Q1 plans to the media. During his recent keynote at Credit Suisse 2010 Technology Conference, he mentioned a lot of things that would certainly raise some eyebrows. Motorola has a big bet on Android and given that Google is gearing up to out the Gingerbread (Android 2.3), we can be certain that its hardware partners like Motorola are also busy giving final touches to their products.

It seems that the top of Motorola’s concerns is the Q1 2011 happenings in the smartphone space. Motorola is scheduled to reveal some new gizmos at CES 2011 and while we await to see that, a 4G phone in early 2011 is promised by Jha. But the most meaty revelation has to be the Verizon iPhone hint that came out of his talk. No he didn’t name Apple directly, but its clear that, its more than just patents that Motorola and Apple are fighting upon. Mr Jha revealed that there would be a “competitive dynamic” at the Verizon end adding to Motorola’s trouble. (more…)

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Motorola oozes QWERTY and touchscreen goodness in Rs 13,900 Charm

Motorola seems to be in Android phone overdrive. After launching the Quench and the FlipOut in the past few weeks, it today released the Charm in the Indian market. In terms of features, this has got to be one of the most loaded devices we have seen in the sub-Rs 15,000 smartphone segment. It has got a 2.8 inch touchscreen, a full QWERTY keypad, all the connectivity options you could ask for (3G, Wi-Fi, GPS…you name it), a 3 MP camera, support for corporate mail –, and it also has the BackTrack option that we loved in the BackFlip launched some months ago, letting users navigate on the screen without touching the screen itself. (more…)

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Quick Review: Motorola Quench XT3

Motorola has joined the low-cost Android phone battle with its Quench XT3 handset. Priced at around Rs 12,500, it offers Android 2.1, a 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen and a 3.2 mega pixel camera. How does it shape up against the Samsung Galaxy 3 and Galaxy 5, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 and the LG Optimus? We will let you know in the coming days, but for now, here is how it looked when we popped it out of the box. (more…)

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Apple counter-sues Motorola over multiple patent infringements

While you’re having your Sunday morning coffee/Saturday noon lunch, in comes the news about things getting steamier between two ex-lovers. Apple has the counter-sued Motorola for infringing about six patents related to multi-touch screen and the mobile OS. Did you think I was talking about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt? No. It’s Apple’s upper cut to Motorola’s chin

Earlier this month Motorola had filed a lawsuit  against Apple for infringing about 18 patents. And now Apple responded back two different lawsuits that cover total six patents mostly focused on multi-touch and a couple of OS level ones.


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Motorola Quench Launched In India For Rs. 12,500

Remember the Motorola Quench XT3? No? Well it was a mid range Android based handset that was first showcased at the Mobile World Congress back in February. Since, then though it had faded into obscurity – only to make a comeback of sorts almost 8 months later.

 That’s right. The Quench has been listed as on sale in India and is available on last time we checked. This mid range phone boasts of a 3.2 inch capacitive display that supports a resolution of 320X480. It comes with a 3 mega pixel camera with LED flash and a 1270 mAH battery.


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Tit for Tat: Motorola Sues Apple

Good Morning and welcome to the latest edition of daily lawsuit news. The only show on the planet where we talk about all those interesting lawsuits and counter-suits being filed by tech companies on a daily basis.

In todays edition we have one time partners Motorola and Apple at each end of the courtroom.

In the latest lawsuit, Motorola claims that Apple has breached as many as 18 patents held by Motorola “which relate to early-stage innovations developed by Motorola in key technology areas.” The suit has been filed with the US International Trade Commission and courts in Illinois, where Motorola is headquartered.
Motorola has in a longish press release clarified that these 18 patents relate to antenna design, wireless email, proximity sensing, software application management, location-based services and multi-device synchronization.

Since we are too bored to get in to the boring legal details we’ll continue with the things that interest us. Motorola has blamed Apple for being refusing to license Motorola’s technologies even after lenthy negotoations with Apple asking them to do so. With negotiations falling apart, Motorola says it is forced to take this stance and adopt the legal route.

Anyway, this is interesting and comes quite som time after Apple sued both Motorola and Google for similar patent infringements. Motorola is also facing trouble from erstwhile partner Microsoft who just last week sued Motorola for infringing their patents. Interestingly, Motorola has been kind enough to offer an olive branch to Microsoft.

This latest lawsuit comes just days after Apple restarted the patent infringement war by suing Nokia in Europe a few days ago.

[Via MobileCrunch]
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We’re Open to Windows Phone 7, says Motorola Co-CEO

It was just last week that Microsoft sued Motorola for using as many as nine of their patented technologies on its Android phones. Motorola, who incidentally was a major Microsoft partner with its Windows Mobile based handsets had been reeling under a lot of pressure to deliver thanks to its alarming rate at which the company lost its market share. This was back in 2008- 09. When they realized that the partnership with Microsoft wasn’t delivering much,  they decided to turn a blind eye to it – albeit temporarily and concentrate on Android.

That strategy thankfully has paid off for Motorola which has seen a strong comeback over the past few months. It now boasts of a formidable lie up of Android powered phones. Of course, it was obvious Microsoft didn’t appreciate Motorola’s sudden change of loyalties to Android – which is also cited to be one of the reasons Microsoft went forward with its latest lawsuit.


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Motorola Announces New Android Handsets: Spice and Droid PRO

Motorola seems to be very upbeat about its Android prospects. Of late it has been launching new devices based on Android with regular frequency. The latest devices to be added to Motorola’s Android portfolio happens to be the Spice and the Droid Pro its latest Android phones that have been announced at the CTIA trade show in San Francisco.

Lets now delve in to specs of these devices.

We start with the Spice – which going by the specs seems to be a mid range device directed at business users. The Spice boasts of a large 3.2 inch capacitive touchscreen QVGA display. For a display of this size, the resolution does seem to be somewhat on the lower side. The number crunching bit is handled by a 528 MHz processor. There is a 3.2 megapixel fixed focus camera at the rear for imaging purposes. (more…)

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Motorola DEFY ‘coming soon’ to T-Mobile

Motorola DEFY Android Phone

Motorola’s DEFY made its first public appearance back in September and has been in news since for being a ‘rugged Android  phone’. T-Mobile went live with Motorola DEFY web page which confirms that its ‘coming soon’.

Motorola DEFY is water, dust and shock resistant with some decent specs to keep its buyers more than interested. It has a 5-mega snapper, 3.7” QVGA display, DLNA, dual microphone for CrystalTalk voice reduction and Android 2.1 with the latest MOTOBLUR on top. The connectivity options include (more…)

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