Chronic Dev Team Demonstrated iOS 5 Untethered JailBreak Video

Chronic DevTeam has recently posted a video on twitter according to which they have found iOS 5 untethered Jailbreak. From the past few months, there were many new things in the hacking community. And finally, someone has come up with a proper solution. Currently, users who have Jailbroken their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad have Jailbroken their devices on iOS 5.0 are using semitethered JailBreak which is not a permanent remedy.

@pod2g, who is a member of Chronic DevTeam is behind the exploit which could turn your semi tethered Jailbreak into untethered. However, there is no confirmation on what exploit did he actually use to achieve his goal. Anyhow, he has previously found exploits on various other firmwares, so this news is credible and not a part of any kind of publicity stunt. Now, all we need is an ETA for the release.

iOS 5 untethered JailbreakMany believe that this exploit has been evolved from the Charlie Miller’s iOS 5 bug discovery. But Pod2g has denied the claim. According to him, it is based on some other bug in iOS 5 which has led him to find an untethered Jailbreak. Also, it seems that this would work only on iOS 5.0. There is a possibility that Apple might have fixed it in the latest version. Are you excited about it? Let us know in the comment section.

(Editors Note: Jailbreaking may void your warranty and as always in the past, we would warn of security and performance issues. You would be solely responsible for any harm caused by jailbreaks)

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