EA Sports announces free Facebook golf game

EA Sports is clearly betting influential on social network gaming. After the success of games like FIFA Superstars and Madden NFL Superstars, company has announced that it will be releasing a new free golf game on Facebook. The game, titled EA Sports PGA Golf Tour Challenge, will be designed for a casual audience, which means that you can get to grips with it in seconds rather than minutes. Gameplay features include a one click swing, easy aiming with a mouse or keyboard and lots of clubs and shot types.

So you can log in to Facebook and tee off to earn experience and move through different levels, unlocking famous golf courses as you advance in expertise. And of course, there is also the social networking angle, which includes Daily Challenges that “will allow players to compete against their Facebook friends, with weekly champions crowned as players vie for golf supremacy on Facebook” (all right, we confess that that was the release).

The game will feature real time 3D gameplay powered by the Unity3D engine, which should make it stand out from some of the cartoonish titles on Facebook (check the screenshot we got our mitts on). EA says that it will be released in December. We cannot wait to say “Fore!”

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