Gameloft Chooses Amazon App Store

Many people including me have been really irritated by the Games by gameloft which have to be downloaded from their own website. Their games have always been very good but going to their website and downloading data for the games from their servers through the wifi is really irritating. Gameloft has always stayed away from the Android Market, but now according to recent reports Gameloft will be introducing its games through the Amazon App Store which was launched recently for Android.


Well we have no idea why gameloft has chosen Amazon, but they said that the chances of piracy will be less in the Amazon App Store, but we cannot see how gamloft has deduced it just after a week of the launch of the Amazon App Store. Maybe Gameloft has struck a deal with Amazon like Rovio which gave out exclusive rights for Amazon to release Angry Birds Rio. Well anyways Amazon App Store is not available in many countries so is Gameloft doing the right thing? Will there more to this? Well lets wait and check out for the official word.


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