Gmail Brings Unified Inbox For All Your Mails

Gmail Brings Unified Inbox For All Your Mails

Looks like Google has heard the demands of millions of Gmail users who wanted a single inbox for all their accounts. The latest version of Gmail now supports a unified inbox to show all your mails from multiple accounts at a single place. The unified mailbox has been named “All inboxes” and will be visible in the same tab as other accounts. Earlier, Gmail users had to swap mailboxes to view mails in different accounts.

Gmail Unified Inbox

The new unified inbox in Gmail

The unified inbox even supports Yahoo, Outlook and other IMAP/ POP accounts. There’s more good news for the users of Yahoo and Outlook as Gmail now supports threaded view or conversation view for these accounts. This means that the messages will now appear neatly stacked as one conversation for easy reading. Gmail had earlier released an update to support accounts from other IMAP/ POP providers. The new features for these accounts proves that Google wants to maximise adoption for its Gmail app and no longer views Gmail users as the only target audience.

In addition to the above features, Google has also promised better auto-complete feature when you search for E-mails. The new Gmail app has also received some performance upgrades along with more responsive animations while closing and opening a conversation. The update also enables larger attachment previews to help you see what’s inside, and the ability to save to Drive with a single tap. You can either wait for the update or download the latest version of Gmail from Google Play Store.

Google has been in the news recently after it decided to discontinue the very popular Nexus 5 in the United States. Earlier, Google had also shut down another popular service GTalk to shift users to the Hangouts app.


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