Google Android Again Pops Up On The Radar For Security Issues

Recently Android is showing up a lot for its security issues, just a few weeks back Android was attacked by a serious malware, but this time its not a third party which is involved, it’s Google themselves. Google and Apple both have ben using controversial methods for gathering the data of the consumers. It is also said the location data is transmitted even if the application is not running.


There is no harm in this,as all the data of the user is being collected by google for analysis mainly. The data is usually used for traffic maps, street view, local search. In reality the data collected is used to understand the people’s mindset which will lead to better advertising.

Currently there are huge number of people using smartphones and many of them on Android, by collecting the data of what a person’s interest lies in, Google provides specific advertisement to that person. which leads to huge profits for google from Andriod.

It depends on the user to think this as a security threat or not but according to me Google offers us a free Operating System and the only method through which Google can earn money is through advertisements, but they sure are taking our data without us knowing. For this Google will be facing a legal jurisdiction.

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