Google Launches Chromebox For Rs. 90,000

Google Launches Chromebox For Rs. 90,000

Google after releasing its budget laptop Chromebook for Rs 12,999 have now launched a new desktop personal computer, the Chromebox. This desktop which is especially designed for business meetings is being sold at Rs 90,000 in the country. The desktop is merely the desktop variant of the Chromebook laptop and runs on Google’s Chrome OS operating system.

Smita Hashim, Chrome OS, global product manager stated that, in India the Chromebook was launched about a year ago and now they are launching three new Chromebooks. She continued mentioning that they want the Chromebooks to work in an environment where connectivity can be spotty and people’s experiences with technology is through a phone than a laptop.     download (16)

A few features which was highlighted by Google in the Chromebox includes:

Anyone can be a part of the Meetings: Colleagues, customers, partners anyone can be invited to join a meeting they will only be needing will be a meeting link.

Managing and deploying are easier: Managing the devices can be easily from the web-based Chrome management alongside the user can deploy in minutes.

The Chrombox works with other VC systems. The system, to work with the user’s existing phone and video conferencing system integrates with Blue Jeans, Intercall, UberConference and Vidyo. For meeting with colleagues via laptops, tablets or the smartphones the chromebox directly combines with the Google App- Google Calendar that automatically creates and joins the meetings.

Sharing has been made much easier with the help of the Chromebox. There won’t be any need for any sort of Clunky Cords. The user can share their presentation by simply typing into their browser.

Matt Thorne, Head of IT Pinterest defended the product’s price which is a little too high. Defending Google quotes Matt stated that when he was invited to be a part of the beta test for the device he simply ‘jumped’ on it. He claimed that he believed the price was right and is important for a young company. He said that legacy video conferencing systems can cost millions and they have spent a small fraction on the Chromeboxes. He continued telling that setting up the devices was easy and people can handle them without any constant IT hand-holding.

To which he later added that his employees have found various ways to use the Chromebox. They use it for interviewing job candidates with the help of Hangouts alongside conducting new-hire orientations via video calls. He said that it’s a much easier way for new-hire orientations, even for people in remote areas. He continued that with the help of the Chromebox they can also train people who are probably in the next building.

Google has been a lot in the news lately and have been busy with upgrading itself and it’s various applications.

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