Google Paid Burrp For Local Content When They Entered India!

Google is probably the most appreciated and criticised company for the work it does to organise the worlds content. Publishers work hard to collect content, Google scrapes it and sends a lot of traffic to publishers via its search index. However as Google gets smarter in its quest to go from information to wisdom, they can now intelligent answer questions by users right within the knowledge box that appears over search results. A lot of original research and hard work by publications go waste and endangers their sustainability.

An interesting fact just came to light, Google actually PAID for local content when they launched Local in India. Not upfront, not readily, but after realising that there is no option and just charming a young startup won’t get them the data for free. Anand Jain, Co-founder of Burrp (& Clevertap) shared this story on a twitter thread. The amount involved is not huge, but it is till interesting to note that Google actually paid for content. Crazy.

Here is the thread in its entirety. Some tweets from the thread embedded below.

I am still trying to digest what I have just read. Google paid for listing someone else’s content on its search engine. Totally crazy!

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