Next Google Phone: Samsung Nexus Prime GT-I9250

Samsung Nexus Prime

Ever since Google started to ship its own devices under the ‘Nexus’ branding, rumors speculating features, manufacturer and launch of these devices have been frequent. The next Android release ‘Ice Cream Sandwich‘ is due soon, and we can totally expect a new Nexus device to be out along with it.

Samsung has confirmed that it is yet again making a Nexus phone, and we can even see a page on samsungmobiles’s site with the user agent profile of this phone. The device is labeled as ‘Nexus Prime’ and the model no is GT-I9250. The user agent gives little info on the specifications of the Nexus Prime, though the resolution is listed an average 480×800, but the MMS max resolution listed as 1200×1600 raises doubt that Samsung might have put in false specs as a placeholder for now.

Samsung has previously made the Nexus S powered by gingerbread, which was preceded by the Nexus One by HTC. Google recently acquired Motorola, raising a wild rumor of the next Nexus phone being a Moto-Goog creation. The Nexus devices from Google aren’t meant to be the most premium consumer device in terms of hardware, instead they deliver the latest Android built without any customization and serve as a developer phone. We won’t be surprised if the trend continues with the Nexus Prime.

Via Samsung  / Pocketnow

Update Sept 11: The Samsung link: has been taken down.

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