Google Wants you to Dial Right From the Search Results

Google Wants you to Dial Right From the Search Results

If you use the Google Search widget on your Android phone a lot, you would notice that Google has started making some very nifty changes on it. If you just type out the name of a publically listed firm, you will see the share prices of the same. Some people are also seeing weather information, right within the search result itself. Most of these are the search results that already sit on the Google Now page, just that they have now made their way right into search results too.

New Google Search

The latest iteration is that you will be able to make calls or even send text messages to your contacts right from within this search box itself. On the current version of Google Search, if you were to search for a contact, you will see that the contact name appears as a result. You will need to click on this and then go within the contacts application in order to dial or text them. However, Google is testing making this search result, a little more contextually relevant.

If the latest screenshots by Android Police are to go by, Google will be adding action buttons to the contacts and thereby allowing you to not just go to the contacts app, but also dialling and texting your friends, right from the search result. If you have the E-Mail address of the contact saved, you will be able to send emails directly too. What will be very interesting is, if Google will open this feature, when it rolls out, to third party apps. Imagine, being able to WhatsApp your friend, right from the search bar, when you look at their name up? Now, there is something we would absolutely love!


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