[How To] Root The Motorola Xoom (Wifi and 3G)

The Motorola Xoom Wifi just relesed a few days back and we can see many Xooms in the market. Will it be a real iPad killer? Well we are not here to talk about that. Lets root the Xoom, well I have heard that the Xoom goes up to 1.5 GHz and when it does you can also cook food on its back. Well Onlygizmos will be getting its own Xoom in a few days so we will be doing a video too but here is the rooting guide.


Rooting the Motorola Xoom

Download the RootMyXoom one click rooting app from here

• Download the given file
• Extract the file to any directory
• Plug in your Motorola Xoom to the computer via USB
• Put your tablet in USB debug mode
• Run the RootMyXoom application
• Click on the root button and follow the on screen prompts
• That’s it you will be having a rooted Xoom in your hands

You can follow the development of this application over here

If you need to unroot the device you can follow the steps our Unrooting guide