[How To] UnRoot The Motorola Xoom (Wifi and 3G)

We had just seen the rooting of the Motorola Xoom, now if you are having problem with the device and you want to give it back to the service centre and don’t want them to know that you have void the warranty then here is the method to unroot your precious Motorola Xoom tablet.


Unroot Motorola Xoom

• You must have Rooted using our Motorola Xoom Rooting guide
• Download the Rootmyxoom one click rooting app from here

• Download the above application and extract the files to any directory
• Install the drivers and also the rooting application
• Plug in the Xoom via USB in debug mode
• Run the Xoom Root application
• Click on Unroot and Relock Xoom depending on it’s a 3G model or a WiFi model and follow the prompts
• That’s it your device is unrooted or service centre ready