HTC Signs Deal to be the OEM of Nexus Phones for Three Years

HTC Signs Deal to be the OEM of Nexus Phones for Three Years

HTC may not be scaling the heights that it once did, but just about everyone in the personal tech space seems to have a real soft spot for them. There are big hopes riding on the HTC 10, which is expected to be announced sometime around the April 9th period. However, just having a good flagship device will not be enough for a revival, after HTC posted their worst ever monthly performance in February.


The way out seems to be partnering with Google and become the official partners for producing the Nexus devices. The mandate is not new for HTC, in fact, they were the first ones to partner Google and came out with the first nexus device in the form of Nexus One. Since then, they have made the Nexus 9 for Google, their flagship Nexus tablet device.

News has been afloat that HTC would be the next OEM partner for the upcoming Nexus phone for a while, but MyDrivers is reporting that HTC will not partner Google for one Nexus device, but all the Nexus devices for the next three years. The report is not far from believable as Google worked with LG for three years, which brought us devices like the Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 5X and we would not be surprised if the same is with HTC now.

The deal also makes sense for both the parties, as Google for all their troubles, gets a brand on board that despite its falling stocks makes the most beautiful Android phones out there¬†while HTC gets a strong chance at revival. With Google pretty much taking it upon itself to market the devices, the age old problem of poor marketing by HTC would finally be put to rest here. We see this as a match made in heaven, let’s wait and watch if it actually does happen.


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