IIT Bombay TechFest 2013 In Pictures (And Videos)

We had our share of Techfest thrill last weekend, a yearly Science and Technology fest we have been covering for 5 years now. We partnered with IIT Bombay yet again to bring you some great student competitions, exhibitions & performances from TechFest. Right from robowars to RC cars on dirt tracks, Robots dancing on Gangnam Style to autonomous flying bots, we have it all!

IIT Bombay is known to organize the most extensive international technology showcase known to us and here are some exclusive pictures & videos from the IIT B TechFest 2013.


Hovis Robot

Hovis Robot – One of the most advanced humanoids in the world today. It acted autonomously with the crowd around doing various stunts like exercising, dancing etc. to impress the humans!

Robosoft System

Quadrotor UAV (by Robosoft Systems): The potential utility of the UAV is Aerial Surveillance and Intelligence, Environmental Assessment, Traffic Congestion Analysis, HAZMAT Operations, Project Management, Advanced RC Flight Research.

NAO Robot – This is capable of expressing anger, fear, sadness, happiness, excitement and pride. The Nao was used in RoboCup 2008 and 2009, and the NaoV3R was chosen as the platform for the SPL at RoboCup 2010.

Hiro Robot can think, learn and act by itself using artificial intelligence. The robot can think in a way similar to humans, because it canmake educated guesses and decisions based on its past experiences and knowledge.

EyeNETRA, a project of Camera Culture MIT Media Lab introduces a portable and inexpensive solution for estimating refractive errors in the human eye.

Akash 2 Tablet at IIT TechFest 2013. In case you are wondering why the Aakash 2 isn’t in mass production, see this video.


The AirBurr is a rotorcraft-type Micro Air Vehicles (MAV) equipped with a protective cage and an active uprighting mechanism (legs) that allow it to upright and subsequently take off again after an otherwise mission-ending collision.


When you put a semi-transparent egg on one of five stamens, Oshibe plays different ambient sounds, depending upon the particular combination of stamen. Audiences can create their own sounds, using the locations and numbers of eggs. This interactive sculpture creates a therapeutic and positive atmosphere differently inspired by everyday life.


Techfest Wall

IIT-B TechFest wall

BMX Stunt Show

Rakesh Sharma que

Que for Rakesh Sharma lecture

RC Remote

BMX Stunt Show at IIT-B TechFest

Robowars bot at IIT-B TechFest


Robowars bot at IIT-B TechFest

RC Control Cars at IIT-B Techfest – Full Throttle Grand Prix

BMX Stunt Show at IIT-B TechFest

BMX Stunt Show at Technoholix

Freestyl Air

Freestly Air at Technoholix


Godess of Light at Technoholix

Blacklux at Technoholix

Blacklux at Technoholix


Goddess of light at Technoholix

Crowd at Technoholix

Crowd at Technoholix – IIT B TechFest 2013

More TechFest Videos

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