Images of HTC Kingdom and HTC Rider Leaked

HTC seems to be on a roll with its Android phones after a sulky start with windows phones. Recent leaks suggest a device purported to be the ‘HTC Kingdom’ could be the next big thing from HTC. Although no real hardware details are available, certain sources claim about the Kingdom having a qHD (540×960) display.

HTC Kingdom Leaked Shots


From what we could derive from the leaked images, it certainly has a 4/4.3 inch Screen and a front facing camera near the speaker grille at head of the device. The device seems to be similar to a host of recent HTC phones with Android. The chassis seems pretty common to the other HTC Phones, which makes us feel HTC has been very fond of it.

In another leaks reports suggest HTC Rider, a phone also rumored to be running Android is also right behind the HTC Kingdom in queue. Reports suggest it could be a prototype to HTC EVO 3D. Rumors about it having a facing camera continue but the pink circle could be placed there just to allow suspicion grip our minds. However, one strange aspect regarding Rider is that there seems to be Navigation buttons at the bottom instead of the Capacitive Buttons which is common in other HTC Phones.

HTC Rider Leaked Shots

All we have as of now is blurry and unclear images. As for other specs regarding both ‘Kingdom’ and ‘Rider’, we can keep playing the guessing game until the release date or specs are out in detail by HTC.

Source: 911 Sniper


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