Intel Technology and Innovation Tour 2014

Intel Technology and Innovation Tour was held in Mumbai on 13th October, 2014. The event showcased a few smartphones, tablets and 2-in-1 laptops, powered by various Intel processors. Thaine Creitz ( Director, Technical Sales and Architecture Enabling at Intel) demonstrated some of the latest innovations from the Intel including Intel Core M and Intel Real Sense Technology 

Thaine Creitz led the event. In the beginning, he shared a few statistics about the Personal Computer segment gaining momentum. He said that the industry had witnessed Three Consecutive Quarters of YoY Volume Growth in the Personal Computer segment. I have attached a snap from the presentation


The application developments made in the 2-in-1 laptop segment were shown. Stage Light application was tested in front of us. It was shown that the application was optimised for hybrid computers. Just when the keyboard was detached, the interface of the application changed and the touch buttons became visible. In the same way, a few games were shown which were optimised for 2-in-1’s. As one would put on the tablet mode, the virtual keys appeared on the screen, making it really easy to play games on such devices.

Moving on with the presentation, Thaine told us about Intel’s strategies to strengthen its hold in the computer segment. Intel has planned to provide high performance CPUs and increase its marketing spending in order to educate customers about its latest products and their functionality. The presentation had listed a few latest processors from Intel which included First 4-Core 4GHz Intel processor, First 8-Core Intel i7 processor Extreme Edition, First DT Intel Iris Pro 5th Gen Intel Core processor and finally the Intel Pentium Anniversary Edition processor. These processor have been launched by Intel to deliver stunning performance.

The new Intel processors are capable of running 3D games and UHD videos. 4K videos were shown to us on a Sony Bravia 4K supported Television, which was connected to a computer running an Intel chip. The visual experience was stunning, minute details could be seen because of the superb Intel Graphics card. 3D Gaming was also demonstrated using Oculus Rift, Development Kit 2. Fortunately, I got a chance to experience Visual 3D gaming on the Oculus. It was a wonderful experience. The Oculus had sensors which detected movements, so if I wanted to see what’s on my left, I had to simply turn left and the 3D display ahead of me showed the virtual objects to my left. The overall experience was fantastic with the Oculus, just that I could see individual pixels but I guess the future models will come with an HD resolution.

PicMonkey CollageWe were shown a 3D printer and Intel Real Sense Technology. The 3D printer was connected to a Intel powered device from which the printing command was given. The objective of showing a 3D printer was to tell us that Intel powered tablets are capable enough to do intense tasks like 3D printing and hence are future ready. The Real Sense 3D camera was shown on the new Dell Venue 8 7000 series tablet. The 3D camera helps devices to capture “depth” just as a human eye. Moreover the camera can detect the mood of the user so when I smiled in front of the camera, it detected that I was happy. Apart from this, the Real Sense 3D camera can read hand gestures. This kind of technology will prove to be useful in many fields such as education and marketing.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 12.05.13 pm

Finally I had a look at the devices which were kept for display. The devices included Asus Memopad 7, Asus Minipad, Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Windows Surface pro and a hybrid PC prototype running the new Intel Core M processor. All in all, it was a good event and we are looking forward for these products to be available in the market.


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