iPad 2 JailBreak is Now Live, JailBreakMe Now!

JailbreakMe For iPad 2

Finally, the official Apple iPad 2 JailBreak has been pushed onto the JailBreakMe.com after being leaked  twice. This version of the JailBreak is entirely bug free and will not cause any issues if you try to JailBreak you iPad 2 or any of the iDevice (note: we are yet to test). It again uses the PDF exploit that came into existence with the iPhone 4 last year. With JailbreakMe all you need to do is head to Mobile Safari entering the http://jailbreakme.com (URL) and then download the Cydia to your springboard. Jailbreak me is one of the simplest userland JailBreak ever because you don’t need to connect to a PC/Mac & run geeky hacks

It is expected that Apple will close the loophole in the next firmware version (iOS 4.3.4) which will be released very soon. If you want your iPad 2 to be JailBroken forever, save the SHSH Blobs using a tool known as TinyUmbrella. It will allow you to restore to the iOS 4.3.3 firmware again even if any issues occur in the future. The jailbreakme.com server may be down due to eager jailbreakers currently trying to grab the JailBreak. So, if you are unable to open the site, try after sometime.

(Editors Note: Jailbreaking may void your warranty and as always in the past, we would warn of security and performance issues. You would be solely responsible for any harm caused by jailbreaking your device)


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