Is Windows Mobile 7 coming to HTC HD2?

HTC’s official twitter handle in Russia accidentally tweeted about a Windows Mobile 7 update for the HD2 coming soon. This was indeed fantastic news for HD2 owners who surely deserve better than the current WM 6.5 on such a beautiful piece of hardware. However, the tweet was deleted promptly and labeled as an ‘error’. But once the expectations have been raised, no matter how many denials come our way, we know that there is a good chance that this wasn’t an error, but an accidental leak.

Microsoft’s much anticipated Windows Mobile 7 is already delayed and is due to release sometime in 2010. The updated Windows Mobile 6.5 released to counter the increasing touch hype didn’t deliver enough to compete with the fleet of Android’s, WebOS and the iPhone. After taking much beating in the smartphone race, Microsoft if now banking big on the WM 7 release, even while others are moving to develop their own OS. Making WinMO 7 compatible with existing handsets would surely bring a lot of cheer to the community and help manufacturers market the devices much better.

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  • Sorry everyone. No upgrades for HTC HD2 owners. The original rumor came from an unreliable source. Someone with a Twitter account in Siberia.

    When you’re looking for a guaranteed upgrade, the only reliable source can be an official statement directly from HTC or Microsoft. Otherwise you can assume it’s not happening.

    If you looking for hope, well, that’s no way to buy a smartphone. There’s no point buying a smartphone under a false hope that it may be a better smartphone in the future.

    Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 phone platform is currently in tatters with handset manufacturers leaving the platform to go to Android. Microsoft says version 7 will come at the end of 2010. Microsoft products always run late, so you can make that 2011. They won’t even know the system specs themselves, so far from release (assuming it ever does get released).

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