Korean Air starts rent-a-PSPgo service

After in-flight WiFi, in-flight movie rentals and other such services, comes the in-flight gaming. Patrons traveling to and fro South Korea can now kill time by playing games on the latest portable gaming console from Sony, the PSPGo.

 Jin Air, a subsidiary of Korean Air, is offering travelers an option to rent a 16GB PSPGo for just $3.5 (4000 won). The PSPgGo is Sony’s first portable play station to have a slider controller. This would allow people to watch movies and also listen to music. The PSPGo would come preloaded with games. No info on what games would be made available for the service, this will also keep the kids flying with the airlines busy also the  gamers would be very happy to use this service and at the same time good promotion for Sony PSP GO.

via [SiliconEra]

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