Lenovo to introduce its motion sensing gaming console this year

China’s largest computer maker, Lenovo is all set to enter the gaming industry. Lenovo would be competing with Microsoft (Xbox), Nintendo (Wii) and Sony (Playstation). The company announced that it would release its own gaming console by the year end.┬áLenovo has set up a new company called Beijing eedoo Technology Ltd. which would produce and market this console. The gaming console, dubbed eBox, uses no controllers and takes input through motion sensing system. eBox can be connected to a high definition television and Internet, Lenovo announced.

Lenovo’s eBox would be the second in the world to use controller-free motion sensing technology. Last month we tried Microsoft’s Kinect which would be released on Nov. 4th. eBox would debut in China later this year and would gradually be released in other parts of the world thereafter.┬áLenovo’s entry in the multi-billion dollar gaming industry would definitely heat up the existing competition between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Gaming fans can expect some new and improved offerings at lower prices.

via [livemint] [Image Credit]

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