Line Launched Lite app for Android Low End Devices

Line Launched Lite app for Android Low End Devices

Japanese company Line has unveiled a lite version of their famous messaging tool. Line has launched a new Line Lite app for low end android devices.

This app is a lightweight counterpart to the original messaging tool. Line Lite is mainly focused to cater the requirements of users in developing countries. It’s designed for users with a limited amount of space in their phones and want to consume less data.

The new app is twenty times lighter than the original app. This 1 MB occupies less space in user’s device and also takes less time during installation. Line Lite has almost same features as the original application.

Line Lite has most of the features, such as group texting, photo-sharing and stickers, similar to the original version of the app. Users can either create a new Line Lite account or carry over their existing membership.

However, Line has decided to cut down few features for the initial release of the app. The first version of the lite app will not feature neither video calling nor audio calling facility. Also, the lite version does not sport a timeline either. Japanese company said, they are working on the app and more features will be gradually introduced to the users via the updates.

In first phase, the Japanese company has decided to launch Line Lite in 11 countries including India and Mexico. The availability of app will be considered based on the demands and requirements of consumers. Line has a huge user base in 230 nations and regions, boasting up to 205 million users in a month.

Last month, Line widened its horizon beyond messaging and introduced a music streaming service in Japan. The Japanese company is the largest social network in the country with over 58 million consumers.

Line Lite is the latest addition into the list of apps introducing their lighter versions for emerging markets. Earlier, Facebook introduced a Facebook Lite app for masses who commonly use low-end devices and have to rely on spotty network coverage to communicate.

The Line Lite app is now available at the Google Play Store.


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