Micromax to Launch Phones with Solar Panel Soon

Micromax Mobiles, which has in the space of just a few years, managed to create a credible name for itself in the burgeoning mobile phones industry in India has just made an interesting announcement.

The company has announced that it would soon be coming up with a mobile phone with a built in solar charger. Micromax claims that the solar panel on the device would be able to charge the device in 3 hours and offer a talk time of 1.5 hours after that. While that might not sound much, this would certainly be of help at times when you are on the verge of running out of battery and you have no charging port in sight.

While the idea of coming up with a solar powered phone is certainly interesting, Micromax certainly isn’t the first to come up with one. Back in 2009, Samsung had released something known as the “Blue Earth” which was a feature phone with a built in solar panel at the back panel. While it generated a lot of interest back then, it seemed to have died a silent death after the initial hoopla. We certainly hope that doesn’t happen with Micromax’s upcoming device.

As for the device in question, Micromax has only revealed that it is a basic feature phone and would come with basic features – including an FM Radio, a color display and decent texting abilities. Like in the case of the Samsung Blue Earth, this one too would get a solar panel at the rear of the device. The best thing about this is perhaps its price which is expected to be somewhere around the Rs.1500 mark which is quite affordable.

So, if you are planning to invest in a new, basic handset that would be dependable (during daytime!) in an area with intermittent power supply, you know where to go!

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