Microsoft’s Windows 10 Announces Their 7 Different Versions

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Announces Their 7 Different Versions

Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, Windows 10, is due to be released this summer. The company in their official blog announced that this update is going to present itself in 7 different editions for different customers according to their different needs. It may vary from personal use to running a large enterprise. This major and last update by the software giant will be launched in 190 countries and 111 languages.

The company’s official blog stated that the Windows 10 OS will power a variety and a broad range of devices from tablets to the PCs, phones, Microsoft HoloLens and even Xbox One and Surface Hub. The blog also mentioned that Microsoft will power Internet-connected devices like the ATMs, heart rate monitors, wearables and also the elevators.


Let’s have a look at the offerings by the various 7 editions:

  1. Windows 10 Home

The first of the seven versions is the Windows 10 Home. This edition is made keeping the desktop-focused consumer  in mind. This version offers a familiar and personal experience especially designed for the PCs, Tablets and 2-in-1s. According to the blog, it will help people do things both big and small.

The blog continued that with Windows 10 users can be more productive. It will include a broad range of universal Windows apps which includes Photos, Mail, Calendar, Maps, Music and Video. It also includes Microsoft’s digital assistant- Cortana, Continuum tablet mode for touch-capable devices, the  Microsoft Edge browser, IRIS and fingerprint login along with the Windows Hello face recognition.

Microsoft is also bringing an Xbox gaming experience. This feature allows gamers to access the Xbox Live gaming community, also enabling the user to capture and share their gameplay. The company is also giving the owners of Xbox One the ability to play Xbox from any Windows 10 PC in their home.

2. Windows 10 Mobile.

The next version is the Windows 10 Mobile. This mobile edition is specifically suited for the small-screen user experience like the mobile, touch-centric devices (smartphones) and small tablets. This includes Windows applications which are present in Windows 10 Home version. The new touch-optimized version will enable a new few devices to use Continuum for their phones.

  1. Windows 10 pro

Windows 10 pro is the third of the seventh version. It is for PCs, 2-in-1s, and tablets. It include features for small businesses like data protection and easier management. This edition will manage devices along with protecting the user’s business data. It supports remote and mobile productivity scenarios while taking advantages of cloud technologies. It also offers the ability to reduce management costs and provide quicker access to innovations from Microsoft.

  1. Windows 10 Enterprise

This version adds advanced features designed to meet the demands of large and medium sized organization. This version is available on the Microsoft’s Volume Licensing customers. It’s added with more security for sensitive business information alongside supporting a broader range of options for the OS deployment.

  1. Windows 10 Education.

This version is build on Windows 10 Enterprise. It is designed to meet the needs of schools and people who are a part of it. Everyone who is a part of this, the staff, administrators teachers and even students were considered while designing this. The edition will be available through academic Volume Licensing and the company will provide the ability for schools as well students to go from Windows 10 Home and Pro editions to the Education version.

  1. Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise

This is a version for people who manage their businesses on their handsets to get the best experience. This version will manage the device updates, offer great productivity along with better security. Along with all this, Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise will incorporate the latest security and innovation features as soon as they will be available.

  1. Windows 10 loT Core

Microsoft is rolling out versions of Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise for industry devices which includes ATM’s, retail point of sale, handheld terminals industrial robotics and for low cost gateways and small footprint.

Windows 10 is now believed to be the last operating system that will come from Microsoft. The company now plans to continue as a service to release updates to the same version.  A few weeks ago Windows 10 was available for people with pirated OS even though it’s due in summer. In addition to all this Windows declared that there will be no more Windows phone and everything will just be Windows.

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