Motorola Sold Only 250k Tablets In Q1 2011

Motorola XoomTo be fair, Motorola’s Honeycomb offering Xoom wasn’t on sale from the start of the year and its little surprise to me that they have sold only 250,000 pieces in the Jan-March 2011 quarter (figures not official). The tablet went on sale in February and has performed less than what even the 1st Gen iPad did. However on a positive note, Motoroal has sold as many as 4.1 million smartphones in the same quarter. Not a ming boggling figure, but surely a cheer for a company that made its way back into the game in with Android.

The road may have been rocky for Motorola, but it is surely one of the top manufacturers to leverage Android. With all the rumors of Motorola building its own OS with Azingo and other takeovers, we would be interested to see how the company lineup shapes up in coming months. For now we know that Quad-core love is coming from Motorola in CES 2012.


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