We Have Moved to a New Location!

We spend more time at our office than in our homes. The work setup becomes such an integral part of our lives that we realize how close we are to it only when we move to a newer place. That moment came to us a few days back when we shifted to a new place. The sadness of leaving a place that belonged to us for so long was soon replaced with the excitement of moving to a new office.

So, here we are, at a place that feels as homely as the earlier one. A place where everyone is reachable to everyone else. It makes the whole place seem inclusive and there are literally no barriers to go talk to anyone, even the CEO. This also encourages serendipity among all of us and makes us feel as one big family.

One of the major differences between the locations of our old and new office is the shift from a corporate environment to a not-so-corporate one. It definitely changes your mindset when you walk in to the office every morning. No corporate vibes, just a place where you work hard and have fun in the process.

One of the core reasons for us to move was the traffic on Mumbai roads. Coupled with all the construction and ever increasing vehicles our mandate was to move to an office which is more reachable through most public transports. The Andheri railway/metro station is just a few minutes away. We are located very close to Western Express Highway too. Drop by if you are around?

Thanks to all the help we had for moving, we lost very little time and are back-up and publishing already 🙂

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