New iPad (3rd Gen) with Retina Display coming to India on April 27th starts Rs 30,500

29th April 2011, India welcomed iPad 2 and the resellers had welcomed queue of people in all the major India metros in an unique manner. The newest  edition of the iPad, dubbed as the New iPad would be made available in India and 11 other countries on April 27th 2012.


The New iPad sports a Retina display, A5X chip with quad-core graphics and a 5 mega-pixel iSight Camera with advanced optics that supports 1080p HD video. Going by the hysteria that the launch of iPad 2 had caused last year and the shortage of supply that ensued following the same. We are hopeful that stocks would last longer than couple of hours this time around.

Apple has always priced their devices consistently across countries and has tried to strike an equilibrium to reduce disparity between country pricing. And the New iPad prices do not disappoint either.

The New iPad (iPad 3) prices in India:

16GB WiFi – Rs 30,500

16GB WiFi + 3G – Rs 38,900

32GB WiFi – Rs 36,500

32GB WiFi + 3G – Rs 44,900

64GB – Rs 42,500

64GB WiFi + 3G – Rs 50,900

Now, the million dollar question is should you opt the New iPad or not?  Here is our take on the same, if you have never tried a tablet then the New iPad is worth a try. But if you own the original iPad (iPad 1) then the New iPad is a considerable improvement. But, there are many doubts that remain when it comes to upgrading from iPad 2. To ease that dilemma, here is a quick comparison between the iPad 2 and the New iPad.

A tad disappointing news, if you were planning to buy an iPad 2 at a lower price then you might be disappointed. There have been rumors that the stocks for the iPad 64 GB are low.

But the silver lining here is that Apple has located India and seems more confident with their product launches here. We are hopeful that the trend continues and more so hope for even more exciting news in the near future. Maybe an official Apple store in a city near you, just maybe? In the meanwhile, let us know if you are planning to buy the New iPad?

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