New iPods are nice, but we are betting on Ping

First off, we are going to resist the temptation to gloat that we got almost all of our six predictions on the Apple press con yesterday spot on. Yes, there’s a new iTunes. Yes, there’s a new iPod touch and an iPod Nano (although we were wrong about Apple sticking to the previous form factor), and there’s a new iOS too. But for us, perhaps the biggest news was that Apple was actually throwing itself into the social networking world with its biggest asset – Music. Yep, we are entranced by the new iPods, but it is Ping, the social networking service that is going to come with iTunes 10 that has us REALLY interested as it represents a major step forward by Apple in the world of social networking.

Frankly, we really like the whole concept of a network that lets you know what your friends are listening to – yes, one can do that on Facebook on Twitter, but in those two worthies, music so often gets lost in the crowd. On Ping, you can follow artistes, friends…and basically find out what other people are listening to (and of course, buy music off iTunes!). A dedicated social network for music lovers…you know something, we are wagering that this is actually going to be Apple’s biggest winner from yesterday’s press con. Yep, you may doubt us, but do remember that we got most of our predictions on the press con spot on. Hah!

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