New Pebble Smartwatch Coming Soon

New Pebble Smartwatch Coming Soon

Pebble has been in the smartwatch game much before the launch of other wearables like Android Wear. The Pebble watch was basic and was compatible with both Android and iOS. The e-paper display and the Cortex M3 processor were frugal giving the watch a battery backup of 7 days. Pebble has recently put up a countdown timer on their site that will tick to zero on Tuesday.

Rumours suggest that Pebble is launching a new smartwatch as an upgrade to the original Pebble. Pebble is going for a color display which will be wider than the current watch and aims to make the watch slimmer. The screen will however not be a touchscreen unit, with other smartwatches having a touch unit its surprising that Pebble isn’t opting for one.

Pebble is also working on putting a microphone in there to listen to voice commands. This will be quite interesting to watch how to voice commands would work on both iOS and Android. With an aim to refresh both the software and hardware, Pebble is working on a new version of the watch OS along with the webOS team. So we can expect some cool animations and effects something that were missing on the older OS.

On the hardware front, a new Cortex M4 Processor will be powering the new watch along with a 6-axis gyroscope. It’ll be interesting to see how Pebble deliver one week of battery life on the device with the new powerful processor and color display.

We can expect the same waterproofing ability like the old watch and a proprietary connector. The charging pins will also be moved to the bottom of the watch as per the source. The new watch will be sold via Kickstarter and will be priced the same as the Pebble Steel. It’ll later be sold via Pebble’s Retail Partners and Official Site.



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