Nexus One blocks swear words, Bull#### !!

Just when you thought Nexus One is Google, it did a Microsoft! As Reuters points out, Nexus One’s speech-to-text recognition app turns your spoken swear words into strings of # symbols. (Remember the Zune HD doing the same on its twitter app?)

nexus one sucks

A Google spokeswoman clarified:

“We filter potentially offensive or inappropriate results because we want to avoid situations whereby we might mis-recognize a spoken query and return profanity when, in fact, the user said something completely innocent”

What this means is that, suppose you are on your way back home and want a fudge ice-cream to end your day, you speak the words “I want fudge ice-cream tonight” to be sent it as a text msg (via speech-recognition) to your mom. Now, if N1 did not block swear words, the text-to-speech app could interpret “fudge” as “fcuk” and in case you miss the conversion error and hurriedly send that msg to your mom, she’ll receive it as “I want fcuk ice-cream tonight”. ewww! yuck! That would be a damn embarrassing situation!

Google basically want to avoid such situations from happening. So, if ever it interprets a some speech into swear words,  it blocks them and replaces them with # symbols, whether or not you have actually spoken those words. Yes, what they say is right. Users do not want to be caught up in embarrassing situations like these. But they also want their speech to be converted to text correctly, without any error. Basically, they demand a no-compromise speech to text recognition app. Nexus One haters got another reason to hate it, now even more.

And as it turns out to be, a look at comments on a similar post at Mashable tells me that this annoying thing is basically an Android problem, not specific to only Nexus One. Even Motorola Droid users are reporting the same problem.

So, until we get some better text-to-speech recognition algorithms, (generally speaking) Android users will have to bear this bull#### !!

(via Silicon Alley Insider)

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