Nexus S Suffers From Rebooting Bug; Google Admits

Nexus S users around the globe are reporting of an annoying bug with the phone’s latest software version (Android/ Gingerbread 2.3.1/GRH78). Apparently, after the update the phone reboots – in the midst of a call. The average number of reboots seems to hover around one or two per day. However, the more number of calls you make, higher are the chances of the problem appearing.

One user for example, claimed that he experienced three reboots in the space of 10 calls. Google has apparently acknowledged the problem and managed to reproduce the problem on one of their devices and has confirmed that they are working with Samsung to fix this.

If you happen to be a new found Nexus S user, you might want to let us know if you face this issue post the aforementioned firmware update

[Via Google]
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