No need to water your plants anymore with Dew Drops

Do you often forget to water your plants? Well, no worries. Thanks to a concept design by Industrial designer Jacky Wu called Dew Drops. It uses a simple artificial  funnel-shaped leaf that extracts water-vapor in the air  and condenses it to water your plants using thermoelectric cooling.

All you need to do is, place the artificial leaf in your plant pot, power the leaf and within no time it should start watering your plant.

The concept and the design surely  looks exciting, but I fail to get the benefit behind using the product :

 What if the room in which plants have been kept has an Air conditioner? The AC would remove the water vapor in the room to some extent. Thus reducing the efficiency of the product to a great extent.

 Also using electricity to water your plants seems meaningless and insane, as it adds the additional costs plus the water used.

 Agreed that it does save good amounts of water for you and you don’t even have to leave your chair; however, the green benefits of Dew Drop seems to be very limited, unless electricity of your house / office is derived from a green energy source like solar et al.

 Cant’ help but wonder how would wired plants in the garden look like! Nah, Not very natural.

 We appreciate such efforts, but still would love them to have a green touch at the same time as well.

[Via EnviroGadget ]

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