Details Of Nokia’s New Low Cost Handset Codenamed RM 977 Leaked!

Nokia is working on yet another low cost handset for emerging markets, it seems. The company has imported a consignment of an unknown handset codenamed the RM 977 to the country – directly from Finland for testing purposes. The handsets are valued at Rs.7966 for each unit and 45 such units are being imported to New Delhi where Nokia India is headquartered. Data regarding this handset is available via import/export directory website Zauba – which has also in the past week leaked information about a new Samsung product called the SM W750V.

As of now, there is no clue as to what handset this actually is. The description of the handset adds that it has a 4.5 inch touchscreen and a single SIM card slot. This certainly is not the recently announced Lumia 525 as it is almost a replica of the Lumia 520 which if you recall, only has a 4 inch display. This handset, like we mentioned earlier gets a 4.5 inch display. No information pertaining to other specifications of this device is available currently

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We would have to wait and watch as to what handset this one turns out to be eventually. In all likelihood, Nokia would have launched the Lumia 525 before this one enters the market. At this point we are not even sure if this is a Windows Phone powered device at all! How does a large screened successor to the Asha 501 sound?  Also note that the price mentioned here does not take into account taxes and duties – therefore the final price of this handset might even cross the Rs.10k mark.

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