Now Turn Sand Into Glass With 3D Printer, Solar Sinter (Video)

We have seen how solar energy helps generate electricity to power houses or corporations or even charge your cell phone batteries on the street. But this one is surely more creative than the other ones mentioned above. Aptly named Solar Sinter, this solar powered 3D printer converts desert sand into glass and that too in some style.

Markus Kayser, is a student who has created the Solar Sinter as a project work for his Masters Degree in Arts. Well this thing is certainly more than a piece of art and helps remind us how solar energy can be tapped for realizing multiple benefits. With this device, Markus is able to melt the sand and convert it into glass of various designs and styles. Well the only problem I can see here is that you may get yourself tanned in the process or maybe even some sunburns in the worst case scenario, results worth the effort? You decide!

The Solar Sinter is currently on display at the Royal College of Art, so in case you are located somewhere near you know exactly where to head in order to be introduced with some fascinating and innovative technology.

You can see the video below to see how grains of sand in the Sahara Desert are converted into beautiful and elegant pieces of art.

Via Engadget


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