Official Reddit App is Available for Android and iOS

Official Reddit App is Available for Android and iOS

If you are a regular on Reddit, then you must have noticed that till recently, there was no proper one official app for the Social Networking site. There are several very interesting third party clients out there, the likes of Alien Blue for example, which were taken to be as good as the official application. No more, as Reddit has finally released its official application, both for iOS as well as Android.

The application currently is available only for those who are in U.S., Canada, UK and Australia, with more countries assured of a release soon. The application allows you to browse Reddit faster and upvote, downvote as well as comment on the threads you find interesting. There are inline image previews, an option to switch to a darker theme if you are browsing at night and an opportunity to score a three month Reddit Gold subscription if you can go ahead and login to the official application within this week. There is also a choice in the view as you can browse the application, either in card view or compact view.

Reddit has confirmed that there would be more features that would be coming to the application and that this is just the most basic version allowing everybody to browse the site.

Download link for Reddit app on Google Play Store

Download link for Reddit app on Apple Play Store

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