Ringo: An International Calling App That Works Without The Internet

Ringo: An International Calling App That Works Without The Internet


Mobile phones have shrunk our world, we can be in touch with our loved ones regardless of the distance.  While being able to communicate with them is priceless, the mobile carriers sure have put a hefty price on it. That is where Ringo comes in to soften the blow of expensive international calling. Ringo is the first international calling app that helps you be in touch on the phone.

There are other apps like Skype and Viber that do the same, but through VOIP. With some Telecom companies considering charging heavily for VOIP the option will no longer be feasible. Ringo takes a completely different approach by making international calls similar to local calls. So this is how it works- when a Ringo user makes a call to US through the app, it sends a request to its servers using a little of your data. The servers then call you back using the local carrier and the other person gets a call from their local carrier. These two calls are then patched and the user can resume the conversation. Though there are local carriers involved, Ringo tries to show your number as the caller ID to the receiver.

Like other services it is not necessary for the receiver to install the app and because they receive a call from a local number they aren’t charged heavily. Ringo uses call instead of the internet which results in better call quality, low latency and reduced costs. It is a pay-as-you-go app with no monthly subscriptions. Users need to pre-pay anywhere between Rs. 25 to Rs. 250, the app checks the balance before placing a call and the money is deducted real-time on the amount of minutes used. It does not use your local minutes so it won’t reflect in your mobile bill.

One can pay for Ringo by making in-app purchases using a credit or debit card. Card payment is the only option as of now while they work on integrating other options like wallet and cash.  The balance in the app is fully refundable, so you can get back the unused amount if you need it back.

Ringo is currently available in 16 countries with an aim to reach 40 countries by the end of the year. The app is available officially on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


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