[Rumor] Blackberry Playbook Maybe Able To Run Android Apps

We have heard that Research In Motion has been trying to run  Android applications on its tablet, the Blackberry Playbook. RIM earlier tried to use third-party software that would allow the tablet to run Android applications, but failed to do so due to some complications and now rumor says that RIM is planning to embed its own software into the playbook which will allow its users to use the Android market and its applications.


The Blackberry Playbook sports the OMAP 4 processor from Texas Instruments with a 7” touch Display and running Blackberry Tablet O.S.

RIM has not yet announced officially that it will be bringing Android applications to its Playbook. It was rumored that RIM would be using the Dalvik Virtual Machine used in Android, but due to the Google and Oracle patent issue going on at that time, they had to leave that thought and move on to their own software solution. The Blackberry Tablet SDK already notifies that its applications can be coded in HTML5, Adobe AIR, Flash Java, etc.

If this is not just a rumor and Blackberry is planning to bring Android applications to its Tablet O.S then it’s a great idea, as the users will have more applications to play with, better developer support and if the tablet is really great, Android users may even shift to the Playbook. Well all we can do right now is wait and watch for RIM to announce it officially.

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