Run Android On Your HTC HD Mini

Finally Android has been ported to the HTC HD Mini, thanks to the guys at XDA. All the HD Mini users have been waiting for this from a long time. The development of this ROM has currently been discontinued but almost everything is working so check out after the break how to flash this ROM on your HTC HD Mini


  • You must have SSPL if you don’t then you can follow the procedure here
  • Download the Android ROM here


  • Perform the SSPL if you have not done it before
  • Put the Users folder from the above downloaded ZIP file into the root of the SD card
  • Select HARET_PHOTON7227.exe and run it
  • Wait for some time you will boot into Android

That’s it your done all you need to do if you want to get into Android is Go into Windows Mobile and click on the haret.exe file and it will boot into Android.

You can follow the Development of this ROM here

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One comment

  • I have installed the files above but I have the following problems:
    (1) battery level is unknown
    (2) data connection is not working

    Can you help me?

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