Rumor: Specifications of Samsung’s Curved Display Toting Smartphone Leaked!

Two days ago, we had posted about how both Samsung and LG are on the verge of coming up with their own variants of an Android powered device with a curved display. Back then however, we had no inkling about the specifications of any of these devices. The only thing we knew was the fact that LG might call its flexible smartphone  G Flex. As for Samsung, there was no clue whatsoever either about the name – or any kind of specifications. However, we now have fresh reports coming in about the specifications of this Samsung phone in question.

Folks from over at AndroidSAS claim that they have some information regarding this much talked about curved display bearing handset from Samsung. Apart from revealing the specifications, they have also clarified that this phone would be a separate product line-up itself and would not be a variant of the Galaxy Note 3 – as propagated by a few other blogs recently. Now, before I go further, let me warn you that this is pure speculation and rumor and the website that claims this has no past record of leaking credible information. So as always, do not forget to consume this one with that traditional pinch of salt.

As for the spec sheet, this is what it looks like. First and foremost – the display measures in at 4.7-inches – although things become a bit complex now because the display is curved. The resolution might not sound that great at 1280×720 pixels considering FHD displays are sort of the norm nowadays. There would be an unnamed quad core CPU powering the device – apart from 2GB of RAM and an 8 megapixel camera along with dual LED flash.  This is by far all that we currently know about this unnamed smartphone.

I know, not much real information in there – just a random bunch of predictable specs thrown in.  What do you think?

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