Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Set to be the First Samsung Galaxy Device to Feature USB Type C Port

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Set to be the First Samsung Galaxy Device to Feature USB Type C Port

Samsung could finally be getting ready to get rid of the cobwebs of the past by ditching the MicroUSB port on the upcoming flagship. The next big announcement from the house of the Korean giants is expected to be that for the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, which most likely is going to be announced in the third or fourth quarter of the year at IFA2016, just in time to take on the new range of iPhones that Apple will announce then.

However, like it is the norm, the first set of pictures of the upcoming Note 6 have surfaced on the internet thanks to render or a blueprint video which has surfaced. The video shows the device from pretty much every possible angle and you will not be too hard pressed to recognize that the phone indeed is a successor of the Galaxy Note 5. Unlike the Galaxy S7 or the S7 Edge, the body is more block-like rectangular than curved.

Interestingly, there is a USB Type-C port at the bottom, which is a first for Samsung. This also supports the hypothesis that there could be a new Samsung VR headset upcoming especially as Samsung seems to be in a real rush to get rid of the current lineup of VR headsets as they all use MicroUSB ports to connect the smartphone. The display on the device seems to be a tad bit curved but features only one camera lens. This could point out that even the normal Note 6 will come with a curved display, though the curved display does not seem too prominent. The device is a little thicker than the current Note 5, and slightly smaller in the estate too, perhaps due to a bigger battery being inserted. Other than these minor details, the Note 6 at this point looks to be a refinement on the Note 5 more than anything else. However, with a good few months there for the launch, we are sure there would be tons of more leaks before the phone is officially out.


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