Both Samsung and LG Planning Curved Display Smartphone Launches in Next 2 Months

Last week, news came out that Samsung is going to launch a curved display smartphone sometime in October. Today, CNET  has reported that LG is also planning to do the same in the month of November. Both companies are purported to use flexible OLED technology to achieve a curve in the display of the phone. The curve of the display itself would not be able to be changed by the user and would be fixed at a stationary angle, even though it would seem quite dramatic in both companies’ products.

Samsung Curved Display

Image Credit: The Verge


No pricing or specification information is available yet regarding the two rumoured phones, though LG’s version might be called the G Flex. The rumours themselves seem quite feasible though, since both Samsung and LG have a history when it comes to curved displays. Samsung has previously launched the Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus, both of which had subtly curved glass displays, while LG’s Nexus 4 utilizes curved glass to the sides to make swiping between homescreens easier. Both companies also make curved OLED TV panels, and hence have invested heavily in flexible OLED technology. Samsung has also already shown off a curved display smartphone (pictured above) at CES earlier this year.

Seeing as Samsung already has a pretty crowded flagship Android smartphone line-up, it is yet to be seen how they fit this upcoming curved display smartphone into it. It might, in fact turn out to be a variant of the Galaxy S4 in terms of their marketing push, as it doesn’t make sense for them to completely upend their flagship line-up at this time in the year.

The same is true for LG as well, they have just launched their latest flagship phone, the LG G2. Launching such an interesting device so soon afterwards might step on the toes of some of the people who have freshly purchased a G2. A lot is yet to be seen about how these curved display smartphones develop and how the market receives them.

Also, if you want to see rough sketches of what LG’s curved display smartphone, the G Flex, might look like, hit up the source link below:

Source: CNET

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