TDK WR700 Launched In India, Wireless Love

Music enthusiasts are always in with a craze for a device with brilliant sound quality. With that in mind, TDK-Life on Record has launched the WR700 designed specially for passionate audio lovers. It delivers uncompressed, lossless digital studio sound which is ideal for in-home use with stereo systems as well as music- on-the-go. The best feature of WR700 is that it is wireless and delivers excellent sound quality.

WR700 Wireless headphones

One can plug in the Transmitter in the desired audio device and enjoy an enhanced, non-compressed and authentic sound experience. The featured Kleer lossless, wireless audio technology offers exclusive, uncompressed digital audio in CD quality over the 2.4GHz wireless frequency.Powered by 4 AAA batteries, it has very low power consumption. Two batteries go in the transmitter unit while the remaining two of course go in the headphones. It provides an assured 40 hour listening time and is compatible with almost all devices that possess a 3.5 mm jack.

The biggest turn off is the use of AAA batteries instead of built-in rechargeable ones. It certainly adds agony to a user once his battery runs out. It has a decent rating with great appreciation for its sound quality.

The WR700 is priced at Rs. 6900 in India.


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